VPC CEO doesn’t “Tip Toe” around topics discussed in Doc Talk Radio Appearance

(Atlanta, GA)- Dr. David Helfman, CEO and Founder of Village Podiatry Centers (VPC) and Extremity Healthcare Incorporated (EHI), recently aired on 640 WGST’s local program Doc Talk Radio. The program was started by Dr. Jeffery Gallups of the ENT Institute based here in Atlanta. Doc Talk Radio airs on Saturday mornings between eight and nine AM. Dr. Helfman appeared as co-host with Dr. Gallups on September 20th. Together they discussed various topics surrounding patient rights and our current healthcare system. They were also joined by Chris Duffy, patient advocate from Alliance Med, and James Pao, attorney from Pao Law Firm who specializes in patient protection rights. Topics ranged from revealing the number one cause of death in hospitals to what is actually covered in out of network benefits. The entire program can be heard via ENT Institute’s website.