Village Podiatry Centers Support Atlanta Homeless With Shoes and Medical Screenings

news_3-15_01Atlanta, GA (March 15, 2010) – The Atlanta Day Shelter for Woman and Children was recently endowed with 400 pairs of new shoes and over 600 pairs of socks through the efforts of Village Podiatry Centers. Volunteering their time, Village Podiatry Centers’ staff distributed socks and shoes while physicians provided free foot screenings to more than 70 of the shelter’s clients.

Approximately 5,500 homeless each year receive services from the Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children, including food, clothing, counseling, and much more. And, in the midst of the economic downturn, record numbers are seeking assistance, stretching the
shelter’s resources.

“Shoes, socks and medical care are needs that we aim to provide on an ongoing basis. We are grateful for Village Podiatry Centers’ generous support,” said shelter director, Marvin McKoy.

news_3-15_02Foot problems often plague the homeless due to lack of proper care, exposure to the elements and excessive walking. Without Village Podiatry Centers’ charitable donations, the shelter’s participants may go days or even weeks before changing their socks, which may cause or further compound existing podiatric conditions.

“As specialists in foot and ankle treatment and surgery, we address minor, common ailments to complex disorders. We consider it part of our mission to offer medical attention and proper foot gear for Atlanta’s homeless community,” said Village Podiatry Centers’ physician, Dr. Jennifer Price.