Foot Doctors

When will I be notified of the date of my surgery?

The surgery coordinator at your physician’s office will verify your benefits and coordinate an available date with the surgical facility. You will be given this information while at your doctor’s office or receive a call from the surgery coordinator within seven to ten business days.

How long will I be out of work?

Each patient and surgical procedure is unique regarding recuperation time. Prior to surgery, discuss your type of work and normal activities with your doctor so that he/she can determine the expected recovery time including time off from work.

When will I know my co-pay or the balance owed?

When the surgery coordinator schedules your surgery, she will discuss your insurance benefits, deductibles and co-pays. The surgeon’s fee is due prior to the surgery. Afterwards, you will receive separate bills from the surgical facility and the anesthesiologist.

Will my surgery be performed at a hospital or surgery center?

The choice of facility for your surgery will depend on several factors. Your doctor will make the determination by considering the type of procedure, the times the facilities have available, and whether the facility is contracted with your insurance.

What is an ambulatory surgery center and how do I know that it is safe?

An ambulatory surgery center or ASC is specifically designed for out-patient surgical procedures. ASC’s are licensed and regulated by the state of Georgia and must maintain rigorous health and safety requirements. Village Podiatry Centers’ surgeons utilize dedicated ASC’s where only procedures on the foot, ankle and lower leg are performed. The ASC’s staff surgeons must be board certified or board eligible podiatric surgeons. Anesthesia is performed by a medical doctor who is board certified in anesthesiology.

What do I need to take with me the day of surgery?

At the pre-operative visit with your surgeon, you will be given an instruction sheet listing the items you should bring with you.

Do I need someone to drive me the day of surgery?

Yes, you should arrange to have someone drive you to and from the facility.

What if I have a problem after surgery and need to reach my doctor?

You will be given instructions by your surgeon for reaching the doctor on call who is available 24/7 in the event of an urgent need. Call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room if you have a medical emergency.

Is my post-surgical follow-up done at the surgical facility?

No, all follow-up will be scheduled at your surgeon’s office.