Implementation of RPM as part of diabetic foot health comprehensive program.


We have partnered with a leading remote patient monitoring service to implement a temperature monitoring solution for patients with diabetic or peripheral neuropathy. Patients can benefit from early detection of inflammation or injury, increased contact with our corporate monitoring staff, and greater connection with their podiatrists when issues require attention. Streamlined processes make RPM a practical service to benefit your patients.

Implementation of RPM as part of diabetic foot health comprehensive program. EHI has partnered with a leading remote patient foot monitoring technology company to help you and your patients detect early warning signs of developing foot problems that may lead to injury and diabetic ulcers if left unaddressed. Remote Monitoring Socks are an innovative tool that monitor temperature of a patient’s feet at specific points to detect early signs of inflammation. The socks are easy to use, comfortable and washable. Rising foot temperature could mean that a patient’s foot is injured and if left untreated could lead to an ulcer or infection. these advanced socks continuously track patients’ foot temperature, alerting you and the patient of any potential complications. Several studies have established that temperature monitoring can help to prevent diabetic foot ulcers when part of a foot care program. Remote Monitoring Socks are covered by Medicare and many private insurance companies. EHI has a corporate support team to manage and help implement RPM services successfully with our providers streamlining patient prescriptions, monitoring and billing.

How it works

Wear Your Socks Daily

They’re so comfortable you won’t realize they’re equipped with sensors that continuously monitor foot temperature at six key points.

Get Notifications

Should signs of inflammation be detected, you and your doctor will receive notifications via the companion app and/or text message.

New Socks Ship Every 6 Mos.

To ensure accuracy, you’ll receive a new shipment of socks to replace your current supply every six months.