Pediatric Podiatrist

Taking care of your infants and children is something that cannot be ignored. There are several ailments that can affect your child’s feet and proper action should be taken to ensure good foot health.

Taking proper measures as early as infancy to ensure good foot health for your baby. This can be achieved with a few easy steps:

Tummy Time – Letting them strengthen their legs, feet and arms several times a day.

Provide exercise – lying uncovered provides kicking and other related motions which prepare the feet for weight bearing.

Change the baby’s position several times a day.

Look at your baby’s feet often to see if you notice something that looks abnormal.

Cover the baby’s feet loosely – tight covers and bands restrict movement.

Young children’s  legs and feet are very resilient. Foot deformities that may not be present at birth can result from a situations  including tight covers or shoes that prohibit foot growth and development. It’s important that shoes and covings be flexible and fitted properly.

As they grow, be aware of your child’s foot placement and walking patterns which may be cause for concern.  In addition, foot pain without explanation could be a sign of something serious condition. Call one of our pediatric Podiatrists.