Overview for Heel Fracture

This condition is a break in the heel bone in the foot, called the calcaneus, which forms the back of the foot. This bone supports the foot and is important for normal walking. Call a village foot Doctor today. Pediatric specialists available.

Causes of Heel Fracture
Fractures of the heel bone most commonly occur from severe trauma to the foot, often from a motor vehicle accident or a fall. Small fractures can also occur in athletes who are required to place stress on the foot for long periods of time, such as long-distance runners.

Some calcaneus fractures can be associated with other injuries to the bones of the thigh, leg, or even the spine.

Symptoms of Heel Fracture
Symptoms of a heel bone fracture can include pain and swelling in the back of the foot or on the bottom of the heel, inability to walk, and bruising. A severe fracture may break through the skin. Call a foot doctor immediately.

Treatment for Heel fracture
Treatment options include use of a cast, splint or brace, anti-inflammatory medication, cold compress, and therapy after the removal of a splint. In cases where the bones of the foot and ankle have moved out of alignment, surgery may be required.