Dr. Allen Raphael Educates Nurses on Diabetic Foot Health

Atlanta, GA (April 30, 2010) Village Podiatry Centers’ Dr. Allen Raphael, a board-certified foot surgeon, led a medical education luncheon for workers’ compensation nurses on April 27. Held at Maggiano’s – Perimeter, the seminar provided continuing education credit for more than 25 registered nurses and certified case managers.

Dr. Raphael, who provides podiatric medical care at Village Podiatry’s Smyrna location, educated audience members on diabetic peripheral neuropathy, or nerve damage. Peripheral neuropathy occurs in the extremities, such as feet, hands, legs, or arms, with feet being the most common site.

“Those who suffer from diabetic peripheral neuropathy are more prone to injuries, both on and off the job, largely in part to symptoms such as numbness, fragile skin, and unsteady gait,” said Dr. Raphael. “The lack of sensation increases one’s likelihood to fall or sustain an undetected injury, while fragile skin can impede proper wound healing leading to infection.”

To help prevent peripheral neuropathy and its damaging effects, Dr. Raphael recommends that diabetics inspect their feet daily, maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and see a podiatrist regularly for thorough foot examinations. High-risk individuals are advised to wear protective, therapeutic shoes at work.

If a diabetic patient experiences an injury or even a slight infection, he/she should seek immediate medical attention by a Village Podiatry Center podiatrist for specialized diabetic foot treatment and wound therapy.